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Holy Garden Assembly


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holy garden assembly


Holy Garden School
Holy Garden Activities

“Who can proclaim the mighty acts of the lord or fully declare his praise?”

Psalm 106:2

We are happy to introduce us and our activities through”HOLY GARDEN” centred at panamarathupatty of Salem district, Tamil nadu.

Our’s is an organization formed to do service in order to show the love of god among the non-christian (only less than 5% of the population is christian in salem district) needy peoples and tribals just like our christian missionaries did in the past. It is a christian organization having its own rules and regulations based on christian discipline. We have been reaching the people through education vocational trainings, children’s ministries. Sunday schools, Gospel meetings and other possible socio-economic development schemes.

Objectives of Holy Garden:

  • To Establish educational and Training institutions in the areas which lacks such facilities preferably in backward, rural and tribal areas.
  • To give stipend and scholarships even free education to the unprivileged.
  • To establish Children’s Homes.
  • To establish Old Age Homes.
  • To work for the socio-economic development of the poorer sections of the society.
  • Children’s Ministry.
  • Above all, proclaiming the Gospel and Plant Churches.



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